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    National Party Organlzations 

Curriculum Vitae

Life and Struggle of

 Comrade Abdullah Alahmar

Assistant Secretary General of the 

 Baath Arab Socialist Party

  He was born on 6.06.1936 in al-Tal town, Damascus Countryside governorate, to a toiling class family. Married, has 9 children, six male.


Bachelor in Law, Damascus University 1964.


  • Diplomatic  Attaché, Syrian Foreign Ministry 1965
  •  Governor of Hama City, from  1967 – 1969
  • Governor of Edleb city, 1969 -16.11. 1970
  • Member of the People Assembly, 1971- 1973
  • Chairman of the Arab Expatriates High Committee before the establishing of the  Expatriates Ministry.

Party Life and Political Struggle:

He began political work at an early age. He struggled within the ranks of the Baath Arab Socialist Party since 1950. Imprisoned several times. He supervised the Party reorganizing in his city during the separation period.

  • Secretary of Douma and al-Tal Section of the Party,1963
  • Secretary of Damascus Countryside Branch of the Party 1964-1967

( when he was appointed as governor).

  • Member of Hama and Edleb 2 Branches Leaderships of the Party when he was the governor of these two governorates.
  • Chairman of the Control Committee and Chief Justice of the Party Regional Court, 23.02.1966.
  • Member of the Regional Leadership since the Corrective Movement, 1970 until 2005.
  •  Regional Assistant Secretary, 16.11.1970 - August 1971.
  • Member of the National Leadership and Assistant Secretary General of the Party since 1971 and still.
  • Member of the National Progressive Front since its formation in 1972, and still, and Head of the Coordination and Liaison Bureau in the Front Leadership until 2005.

He Wrote Several Books:

1-The Baath and the Renewed Revolution.

2-The Baath Arab Socialist Party: History and Life Movement.

3-The Leader, the Revolution and the Correction and Integrated Struggle Strategy.

4- National Unity: The Springboard of all Achievements.

5- The Arab Liberation Movement.

6- The World Liberation March.

7- The Great Transformation Generation.

8- Issues of Struggle Experience Development.


Reading: Literary, philosophical, political and historical books.

He practices physical exercises since 1974, and still.


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